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Unvulcanized rubber compounding  scrap
SBR- NR base
Unvulcanized rubber compounds, clean, A grade quality.
Unvulcanized Green Tyre
Unvulcanized Green tire
Composition of both Car and truck green tire:
70% rubber+carbon black
30% steel and nylone
weight: appx. 20-25lbs (Car) and 100-120lbs (truck)
Loading weight: 20-25 metric ton per40ft containers




Unvulcanized rubber friction (nylon)
Unvulcanized rubber nylon friction with nylon from tire production ( nylon: appx. 14%)
Loading weight: 20-25 metric ton per40ft containers




Unvulcanized rubber friction (steel)
Unvulcanized rubber steel friction with steel from tire
prodcution (steel: appx.15%), smooth quality steel,
easy to remove
Loading weight: 20-28 metric ton per40ft containers




Unvulcanized - non cured Rubber scrap from tire prodcution, clean without friction (steel and nylon cords)
Unvulcanized Rubber compounds scrap on pallets and boxes from tyre production, clean  qualities packaing: pallets and boxes.

Unvulcanized rubber SBR-NR  compounds compounding scrap
Unvulcanized rubber compounds scrap from tire production without packaging (without boxes, pallets),




Bagomatic bladders/tubes
Bagomatic bladders and tuber scrap from tire production plants and used butyl tubes from truck tire.




Unvulcanized Butyl rubber scrap for tubes - bladder
Unvulcanized Butyl rubber tubes - bladder compounds scrap
Unvulcanized butyl sheets compounds




NBR-1 Rubber scrap from production, clean
Unvulcanized NBR scrap
NBR unvulcanized production scrap lumps / sheets




Unvulcanized CR scrap and compounds
CR unvulcanized production scrap and sheets compounds



Unvulcanized NR compounds A grade
NR unvulcanized compounds sheets A grade




Unvulcanized SBR compounds A grade
SBR unvulcanized compounds sheets A grade




Latex 401 Scrap Latex Examination Gloves and 
Latex Surgical 
Gloves, clean production scraps, 
Natural, Quantity: 20 metric ton per month

Unvulcanized Latex scrap
Unvulcanized latex Glove/etc production scrap




V-belt, timming belting, poly belts, nylon belts, rubber Conveyor belt Scrap:
Piles: 2 - 6 Thickness: 8- 16 mm
Lengths: 20 -200 meters.

- Used ,Scrap, surplus,excess and remnant stock
- Edge trimming of fabric reinforced rubber conveyor belts. 0.2" to 1.5" wide, 200 to 3,000 ft. continuous length.
Cured black (98% new) conveyor belt remnants (rolled). Assorted widths, lengths and thickness. Ideal for die cutting applications (automotive, industrial, misc.). Ergonomic, agricultural & athletic matting applications. 200 metric ton

Converyor belting, V.belt, Timing belt, food grade belting 
fan belts, poly belting. 
- PVC solid woven belting. 
- Rubber conveyor belting. 
- Fabric
Rubber Conveyor Belting, new and surplus
 Length: 20-30 meter
Piles: 4 , thinckness: 10 mm




Hydraulic and industrial hose
Hydraulic and industrial hose, used and new qualities
Scrap/offgrade Uncured and nonvulcanized SBR and EPDM , PCU production trimmings.




Nonvulcanized SBR and EPDM sheets from prodcution. Offgrade and sheets
Polybutadiene rubber (PBR) rubber scrap
PBR - High CIS polybutadiene Rubber ,offgrade, Natural powder 
like grade: 1220




NBR Nitrile (Buna-N)
Reclaim/Offgrade  NBR Rubber .
powder mixed colours charged




SILICONE RUBBER SIL,  Scrap Silicone scrap all types and qualities:

Keypad and remote controller scrap,
High-temp sulfide silicone rubber, Room-temp sulfide silicone rubber,
Silicone sealant, Organic silicone,  silicone rubber, Silicone fluid,
Leftover materials, Unqualified baby feeding bottle silicon nipple,
Silicone tube, Automotive parts /ring/gaskets/etc, Silicone rubber offgrade and surplus.
We aslo buy silicone polymer, dimethl cyclosiloxane off grade silicone fluid, off grade silicone rubber lsr, dmc,
Silicone rubber scrap Baby nipple natural colour ground from production.  
-Silicone Rubber compounds (non-vulcanized)

Fumed silica and precipitate
Butyl Inner tyre tubes , bales and production inner tubes and butyl bladder Butyl tubes with/wiout valves
Fluoroelastomer (FKM) Fluoroelastomer (FKM) scrap and offgrade, and other elastomer scrap and offgrade.   
Carbon black , offgrade, scrap, mixed qualities.

N220, 330, 660, 234, 375, etc.
Offgrade /Scrap Carbon black N220, 330, 660, 234, 375, etc.  
Green rubber and Camelback rubber
Green rubber,unvulcanized  from  automotive seal production,  granulate and pieces.

Rubber additives
Rubber vulcanization accelerator
Flourocarbon  (VI)

Viton rubber scrap and offgrade from prodcution




SBR (Styrene butadine rubber)
 offgrade, scrap
compounds, powder,
Offgrade quality
- SBR 1500, 1502, 1712, 1705 and others 
-High CIS polybutadiene Rubber like BR1220 
-High CIS polyisoprene Rubber like SKI 

Natural Rubber (NR) Isoprene Rubber and
Polyisoprene rubber
sheets/cutting from disposable nursing nipples, natural and coloured




  -Rubber Antioxidant SP, SP-C, SP-Wetc.
Rubber Antiscorching agent CTP etc.
Rubber and eva shoe sole sheets
Rubber and eva shoe sole sheets prime qualities and surplus stock.




PCR - Polychloroprene Rubber offgrade and production scrap
Carbon black scrap
Carbon Black N-220,  N-330, N-660, OFFGRADE, SCRAP AND MIXED QUALITIES.
Butyl (IIR) Isobutene-isoprene offgrade and unvulcanized tire production compounds
CSM Chloro-sulfonated Polyethylene (Hypalon) offgrade and production waste
Ethylene-propylene Diene Terpolymer (EPDM)
Production waste and offgrade natural colour




Unvulcanized EPDM
EPDM unvulcanized compounds sheet shore A: 45-55
Rejected tyre cut
Rejected cut tyre from tire production of Car and truck.




Hydrocarbon Petroleum Resin for Tire Rubber Compounding

Recommended Application: Tire Rubber Compounding

Other Applications: Compounding of other rubber products, like shoe sole, heel, flooring, rubber belts, rubber tube, tube for tires of all sizes and many others; Light-coloured rubber products of everday use; Pressure Sensitive adhesive.

The resins compatible with natural Rubber(NR), many kinds of synthetic rubber (including SBR, BR, CR, NBR, IIR and EPDM), Polyethylene, Polypropylene, SIS, SEBS, EVA as well as natural tackifier resins (suchas terpene, colophony and its derivative).

Packed in 25kgs paper bag, pp bag or paper and pp compounding bags;

Excellent Green Tack, lowers Mooney viscosity of compound, has limited influence on vulcanization time and physical properties after vulcanization.
Lowers hardness and modulus of compound after vulcanization, improves extension and chipping r-esistance performances.
Avoid adhesion to compounding equipment
Help fillers distritute evenly
Light colour
Rubber Processing Oil (RPO)
-Nylon, rayon, polyeste, kevlar fabric, yarn, chopped/boxed/spindles/continuous rolls
-Dipped or calendered
-fabric scrap from tire bales/rolls


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